BioMarine Capital Inc.

Investment Critera

If your technology, product, or service has the potential to grow to scale and substantially reduce greenhouse gases, we want to hear from you. We use the following criteria when evaluating companies looking for our expertise.

Meaningful Emissions Reductions

Your company’s technology, products, or services have the potential to significantly mitigate climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) associated with the production, distribution, or use of energy.

Team Seeks Hands-On Investors

We look for people who will change the world — your leadership team must be committed to sustainability, are coachable, and committed to building a diverse team to effectively execute your business plan. We deeply value Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within our portfolio and are known for our hands-on support and guidance.

Reasonable Valuation

We typically will seek out the first institutional round of investment at valuations less than $10M in order to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for both investors and entrepreneurs. Factors we consider include the size of the target market, the strength of sustainable competitive advantage, and whether there are strong exit options within a three to six year period.

Sustainable Market Advantage

We prefer companies with intellectual property protection or other sustainable competitive advantages that can provide a unique defensible position for 7+ years and protect the revenue streams the company will develop after initial seed or follow-on investments.

Close To Commercialization

We typically invest to help promising climate tech startups move from the R&D stage to the Growth stage. As a result, companies we participate in have a clear engineering line-of-sight to a commercially ready product or validated service within 12 to 24 months of our involvement.